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  You just found the offers that will deliver unlimited potential customers and unlimited positive reviews for your local business so you can fulfill all your dreams. Sounds to good to be true ? You can choose to pay for our services at the end of the month ! If you are HAPPY with our work you pay the invoice, if not we just worked for you an entire month for free. We simply know that if you are an intelligent business person, after you see the results that we can provide, you will definitely join our community of lifetime happy customers.

The magic steps we will use to achive your success 🎯

  1. Customer loyalty NEWSLETTER for your local business

    We will harness the power of your email list to generate new positive reviews for any place you need them, through review request email campaigns.

    We will hugely increase your BRAND awareness by collecting your customers personal emails. We will send to your potential customers a custom sequence of branding emails keeping them in touch with your local business. Any new promotion, product or service will be effectively communicated to them directly into their inbox. We are EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, so your data is entirely SAFE with us. We will never sell, rent or use any of your data in any way without your consent.

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  2. Customer positive REVIEWS for your local business

    How much is worth to you that every potential customer that search for your type of business will stop and take a look at your own business instead of others only due to the fact that you have the most powerful and glamorous five stars reviews ? Based on our existing customers we can almost guarantee that your local business will receive a MINIMUM one positive rating or review per week with five stars as long as you will be our happy customer.

    We will need from you as many positive review texts as possible and we will add them in a inspiration database. Imagine what do you want your customers to write in their reviews about your local business. We will show them an option to leave a one to five stars review. If they chose one to three stars are redirected to a feedback form and what they write will be sent to your email so you can take action based on their complains. If they chose four to five stars are redirected to leave a POSITIVE review for any place you need them. From the inspiration database we will show them five random examples of your positive review texts. Usualy they copy and paste the text, make few ajustments and submit the positive review. We automatically detect when is published with a 75% text match and remove that specific positive review from the inspiration database.

    If you receive directly one to three stars fake negative reviews we will try to DELETE them. Also we will reply to them with a standard response like : "We are sorry for your experience, please contact us at phone number / email so we can try to fix the situation. Have a pleasant day.".

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  3. Very important online accounts MANAGEMENT for your local business

    We will fully setup / optimize and manage on case by case basis your Google my business, Bing places for business and Yandex business directory accounts. Based on our existing customers we can almost guarantee that your local business accounts will receive at least DOUBLE the actual visits as long as you will be our happy customer.

  4. Pay per click ADVERTISING for your local business

    We will harness the power of pay per click advertising to generate new positive reviews for any place you need them, through advanced retargeting campaigns.

    We will setup / optimize and manage for you up to ten ads. The ads can be on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat. You have no limit on the amount of money you can spend to promote your local business. Based on our existing customers we can almost guarantee that your ads will have a high QUALITY score so you will pay less than others for the same results as long as you will be our happy customer.

  5. YouTube SEO for your local business

    Based on our existing customers we can guarantee that your local business video will receive a MINIMUM 10001 full lenght views from different social networks and 101 likes in a year.

The price for this unique offer is really amazing 💰

  You are about to make a very SMART choice by investing your money in a service proven time and time again to deliver amazing results. You may think by now that this one of a kind service for one location and language must be very expensive ! The price is only 101 EUR / month.

  Contact us as soon as possible and secure your local business success with a very small INVESTMENT around the price of a cup of coffee daily. All our company profits will go to support the educational non profit organization VITAL.HELP .

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