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Outsource the embedding service with amazing traffic and interactions!

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Right after payment, even during free trial, depending on the package you purchase, your GMB map and/ or your YouTube video will be embedded on 250, 500, 750 or 1000 websites, all with the following attributes:

  • international director for local businesses structure
  • at least 7 years old
  • US unique IPs
  • Majestic, AHref, Moz, very good values
  • OBL 0 – 1
  • over 100 unique articles
  • constant traffic

Right after embedding (even during free trial) the GMB map and/ or the YouTube video on the number of websites corresponding to the chosen package:

Interactions/ property ↓ Packages → One Medium Big Biggest
Your GMB map will receive the following minimum monthly interactions:
Website visits ~150 ~300 ~450 ~600
Photo views ~250 ~500 ~750 ~1000
Calls on location ~25 ~50 ~75 ~100
Direction requests ~25 ~50 ~75 ~100
+Photo likes, rating, reviews, saves Depending on your business activity field, on your offers and on your intern administration.
Your YouTube video will receive the following minimum monthly interactions:
Full video views ~250 ~500 ~750 ~1000
Comments, likes, saves, shares, subscribers Depending on your business activity field, on your offers and on your intern administration.
  • From the first 7 days after payment (even during free trial period), the first results and proof of our actions will start to be visible in your GMB and/ or YouTube accounts, when you will see the interactions according to the offer.
  • During 2 to 4 months you will also notice increases in positions both for GMB maps and YouTube videos, depending also on the competition and on account optimization, which will stabilize at some point and maintain due to our constant actions.

To ease the ordering and support process we offer you the following:

  • a service on the WooCommerce platform in which you will find 1001 variations of subscriptions starting with a free trial for one property
  • the packages are with gradually higher benefits and gradually lower prices, depending on the size of your business
  • customer account with the history of all orders, possibility of upgrade, downgrade and cancellation
  • automatic recurring payment system
  • presale support online/offline via live chat, email, contact form, phone, whats app
  • dedicated support for customers

Case study

  • Study Period: 3 Months, Nov 2019-Feb 2020
  • Activity field: Aesthetic clinic
  • We obtained successfully:  693 website visits  | 99 direction requests  | 160 phone calls   24 positive reviews
  • Download the case study report and video.
If you want to collaborate, please let us know


Unique worldwide offer

Embedding with traffic and interactions boostMonthly
Required properties number packages*
Test us*
1. Embeddings*
Embedding number property*
2. Traffic and interactions boost*
2.1 For Google My Business map*
Website visits*
Photo views*
Calls on location*
Direction requests*
Photo likes, rating, reviews, saves*
2.2 For YouTube videos*
Full video views*
Comments, likes, saves, shares, subscribers*
Details and Order
$250 $0
Free trial 15 days
$150 $89
2 to 10
$100 $299
11 to 500
$50 $899
Over 500

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. Service and price

We promote properties (Google My Business maps and YouTube videos) by:

  • incorporating them into international directories for local businesses
  • traffic boost and visible interactions in the promoted property accounts.


Recurring monthly prices with extraordinary discounts


1 Property

2 >10 properties

11 > 500 properties

+ 500 properties

FREE TRIAL 15 days
250 euro/ property

150 euro/ property

100 euro/ property

50 euro/ property

Test with 1 property, check the results in the property account and upgrade for more properties from your client account opened on our website.

2. Who can order our services?

  • We mainly target online Marketing Agencies with their rich portfolio of Google Maps and YouTube Videos holders, to which we offer more benefits and a lower unit price.


  • We also accept small companies that understand the power of our service.

3. How do i order?

  • Create a customer account offered by the WooCommerce platform on our website.


  • From the service order page, choose the option with the number of properties you want to promote.


  • For each property you must provide a minimum of information (business category, country, city, GMB map link or YouTube video link)


  • Add to cart, checkout, payment, tax invoice.

4. Upgrade/ downgrade the number of properties

  • From My Account ->Subscriptions ->Upgrade/ downgrade, at any time. Even from the FREE TRIAL period you can change the number of properties  you want to promote  through  our service.


  • ONLY fill in the information for the properties you want to add or for which, as the case may be, you want to cancel the promotion.


  • The WooCommerce system will automatically update the total amount and the billing date.

5. Cancel order

  • From My Account -> Orders -> Cancel at any time. Even during the FREE TRIAL period you can cancel any order with any properties.


  • In a maximum of 24 working hours, we will remove all the embeds of your promoted properties from the  international directories for local business and will also stop the traffic boost and visible interactions in your property accounts.

6. Can i edit subscriptions information?

  • You cannot change/ edit the link of a map or video sent for promotion.


  • The information you send us for each property: business category, country, city, will be verified and corrected (typo) by our operators.


  • We will update you by email with the current status of all valid subscriptions along with the history of all operations, from our internal record system.


7. Chargeback

  • We do not offer a refund because:
    • The service we offer is personalized and involves human work that begins immediately after payment is confirmed.
    • We offer you the opportunity to test the strength of our service during the FREE TRIAL period of 15 days, and the results of our actions will be visible in your GMB and / or YouTube accounts from the first 7 days.
    • You can cancel any order at any time if the results in the promoted property accounts do not suit you.
    • If necessary, we will try to remedy any situation as soon as possible.


  • Please also note that we do not provide reports, we do not guarantee interactions or better ranking, and we do not optimize Google My Business/ YouTube accounts.

8. Why don't you have the one-time payment option?

  • The embedding of a property in the number of international directories for local business related to each package is done from the first month, but the boosting of traffic and interactions is done monthly, so the single payment is not a viable option.
  • In addition, we offer you from the first day after payment (and even during the FREE TRIAL period) this huge SEO value, at modest monthly prices.
Laura Hertzan


It's worth it

I waited 3 mo. to post the review to see the results. Now I gave it 5 stars because it's worth it.
Fabian Molcociu


Very fast

The results were extremely fast. It's only been two months and I'm the first in GMB. Thank you!
Romulus Mogos

Marketing manager


I am very pleased with the collaboration.
I also recommended it to my friends.
Teo Danciuleanu

Web Designer

Very Good

Extremely good service provided.
You will see great results from the first month.
Nelu Iordache



Exceptional prices for exceptional services! Satisfied with the collaboration.
Romeo Bega

UI/UX Developer

Awesome job

I grew in position in one month as much as others in ten months!
Awesome job you guys did!
Cornel Frosin



Satisfied with the collaboration so far. I will continue. Great customer support also.
Simina Florescu


Great pricing

I am very satisfied with the quality ratio of the services offered compared to the requested price.


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